Don't just Graduate, ACCELERATE!

Join Ireland’s Leading IT Associate Consultancy Programme


He went from studying Landscape Architecture at Uni to architecting space with our Cloud Services Team


She swapped her ivory keyboard for a computer keyboard! Now she is in tune with the latest tech!

Dave M

No need for punch lines... Dave is just interested in working with great people! 


She came all the way over from India to become a Business Intelligence Analyst and Version 1 brought another type of adventure on her way.


“You can’t do everything straight away. Don’t rush; there’s plenty of time ahead”

Dave C

"In Version 1 you are not left doing basic tasks. You get thrown into the deep end. And coming from Version 1 will get you up the ladder”.


"You can really advance here. You learn so much and so fast and the company really cares about your development."


“I am a mature student, but here I fit right in. There is a great balance between team members."


“Come in, be openminded, work hard, and you’ll get where you need to go”.