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All the way from the heart of Russia, to the wuthering city of Dublin, Anastasia -Ana for short- found Version 1 to be the perfect fit for her.

Ana came over to Ireland to do her Master’s degree and right after that she applied to Version 1. She is a QA tester looking to transfer to Business Analysis.

You can really advance here. You learn so much and so fast and the company really cares about your advancement. I have an economics and finance background so after doing my tech MA, my work reflects my personality in the best possible way!”

A lot changed for Ana while working for Version 1. Firstly, the core values came as a surprise.

Well, not the actual core values, but the fact that people believe and act on them. It has created a culture throughout the company that it’s hard to come by. I have a very supportive manager; I have learned a lot and Version 1 has managed to create a supportive space for me”.

In her free time she likes to (wait, wait! There’s a list):

  1. Hike
  2. Ski
  3. Snowboard
  4. Learn French and Hindi

And yes, work-life balance is working out perfectly for her. She doesn’t have a specific role model but she does observe people’s behaviour and she takes out what she admires the most and tries to live up to it.

"So, what word would you take to describe your colleagues?”


(She did say “supportive” but after debating a few minutes with herself she decided “encouraging” is best).

Her advice to the next generation of grads would be “Don’t put yourself in boxes. Take the best of what you get and eventually you’ll end up with the best experience”.

Her view of Version 1? Well, I made an exception because her train of thought is worth noting:

“Version 1… It’s the people! The people are encouraging and so is the company and that can’t change as long as we all support and act on the core values”.

Well said, Ana!

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