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Role: Associate ERP Consultant

Capability: Oracle Solutions

Corrina’s brother is the real-life example of why she works for Version 1. And if your brother is happy working for us, the chances are you will be too, as we can tell from Corrina’s story.

She applied back in 2015 when she was in college. She didn’t work much on databases as a student, but when she was pulled into her current team, she found out that she loves databases. After all, Version 1 brought out her full strength. And now she is a database administrator -who knew, right?

“I‘ve evolved in this company. Both on a personal and professional level. Every morning, I have to get out there and talk to clients. I had to push myself right from the start. And now I’ve found new friends.”

Corinna is working on a large retail project -an Oracle E-Business Implementation. She hopes that in a year from now she can celebrate its success and rejoice in the experience gained from it.

“Is that reason enough to stay in Version 1?”

“There are many reasons one would want to stay in Version 1. First and foremost the culture. You can talk to the management, and they will talk to you like you are friends. Everyone’s really open with each other. There are not many office politics to worry about. But above all, there’s moving up. And I saw it even before joining, from my brother. He worked his way up”.

The key to her is loving what you do. Waking up every morning and going to work happily, about the prospect of what lies ahead. She also loves camping. She recently spent a week in Iceland -no luck though with the Northern Lights.

“That’s reason enough for me to visit again! My grandmother used to travel a lot, and now she has friends all over the world”.

With travelling as a passion, it makes sense why Corrina would love to have a 4 day working week. But what’s more interesting is the word she chose to describe Version 1.

“Honest. That’s the single word I would use”.

One of Version 1’s core values live in action!

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