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Role: Service Desk Consultant

Capability: Microsoft Solutions

His role model is Goku. And Superman. The whole “getting-knocked-down-but-still-getting-up” attitude. And David has been knocked down. Hard. From a ladder. And that fall changed his life.

David was a carpenter, but he had to switch careers due to an accident that damaged his back. He started working at a college reception only to find out later that he got the hang of computers. So, he trained himself to be a service desk consultant.

“I love my job. I never thought I was going to be an office worker, to be honest. When working as a carpenter, I used to work in people’s houses. Any job that ran on too long I’d be itching to get away, and I often told people I would never be able to come in the same office and sit at the same desk and now I absolutely love it. I come in, I put my head down, and I am extremely valued. I am still waiting for them 2 years later to realise that I am a carpenter pretending to be an IT technician!”

After Linux training, BI training, database training and some sales training it’s only fair that he feels like he’s discovered how to fly! (He can’t help it with the Superman references. After all, David’s desk has a bubble-head figure of him marking the spot).

“It’s terrifying all the stuff that you do, yet you learn so much. Now I’ve got my eye on becoming a tech lead!”

His whole attitude changed while working for Version 1. And drastically for the better. But what has carpenting contributed in this new line of work?

“I get involved, and I am allowed to get involved in a lot of management stuff. When I had my own company, I had contractors, employees, schedules and I liked organising it. They let me do it here and give my input. “

“What about your colleagues?”

David’s face lights up. “You know what? I am going to go with “fun” because that’s what they are. They are obviously intelligent and hard-working but, you can already guess that. I am in an amazing team. Big personalities like myself! We drive each other every moment”.

How would you describe the company with one word?

“Hands-on. That’s two words but what can you do? In Version 1 you are not left doing basic tasks. You get thrown into the deep end. And coming from Version 1 will get you up the ladder”.

Big supporter of our core values. You can almost see him with his cape ready to advise the next generation of grads to embrace them, as they will find themselves supported by them. “It’s when you talk to people from other companies that you see how fantastic it is to work with these values”.

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