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Role: Associate PHP Consultant

Capability: Digital Tech

Did you ever think a TV show could change your life? Well meet David… He is a real-life example because his career plan changed after watching one of his favourite shows. And the idea struck him. What if he, too, had a job in IT Consultancy? So… he did the usual; studied, got his degree and started applying for jobs. And he landed one with Version 1. But he was in for a surprise. The company is bigger than he thought it would be.

“It seemed a good company for graduates. So many different technologies -what more could anyone ask for? I really didn’t know we handled all these customers when I applied. I mean I did my research, don’t get me wrong, but I couldn’t imagine the scale”.

David is in the PHP team and he joined as a software developer back in 2016.

“There’s a great mix of people in Version 1. Old and new. And they all help you learn. It’s amazing how the managers are approachable and helpful to everyone. They are all hardworking people that I can relate to.”

A guy that would take up boxing as his new hobby, along with going to the gym and basketball, David seems to be restless. And it’s safe to say that he likes having choices. He visualizes a common area with a pool table, a tennis table and all this sort of thing so that people could relax.

“I am pretty sure you’re projecting now. Is your mind constantly working?”

“Well I like problem solving. I seek advice more, now, and I am not afraid to try different solutions to problems. I also draw on previous work experiences when trying to complete tasks. So yes, a common area would be nice for relaxing a bit!”.

“Any hidden traits that you discovered while working here?”


“And is there a word that you would use to describe the company?”


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