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Role: IT Business Analyst

Capability: Business Transformation & Change

A proud movie buff -even if he has not been a regular visitor to the cinema the past few months but we’ll give him a break because he’s doing his masters. An IT Business Analyst with a great range of project experience over the past four years, David is happy to share his story.

“I started as a Systems Analyst on the transport systems team. After about 18 months I moved into Java and SQL development and support. After another 18 months, I wanted another change and had the opportunity to move to the ERP managed services team.  Here I worked as an integration consultant using Oracle SOA. Right now I work with a key client as an IT Business Analyst”.

His 13-year-old self would never consider that when driving boats in his first job at the Royal Cork Yacht Club that he would gain useful insight for his input in a project.

“Years later I’m looking at shipping and vessel data and know what they’re talking about.” he laughs. “It’s interesting how other jobs can affect you and I suppose I’m seeing my life experiences feed into my work as a consultant in that way.”

He discovered that his potential is being released in Version 1. “There’s a lot of places where you can stagnate in your career, but not in Version 1 -it will bring out the best in you. You are always kept busy and that probably impacts why you can move quickly in your career here. You are constantly learning and that transforms you into a really good consultant. Six months after joining the Associate Consultant Programme I was a fully fledged member of the team. I’ve met some very good people who I‘ve learned a lot from and I found out a lot about myself as I went along.”

The thing that drives him most is making the client happy. “It is very satisfying seeing something you’ve worked on come to fruition and to know that you helped with that”. And speaking of clients and projects, he has been involved in many projects in his time here.

“I‘ve worked on projects with both public and private sector clients across a range of industries. My current project will trial in September and will be completed in January so hopefully, a year from now I will be celebrating that”.

“What is it about Version 1 for you that makes you happy?”

“To be honest, it seems like Version 1 is a place where the people are an important factor. There is a huge amount of room for your growth in your career and the management is genuinely interested in your development. And they are approachable.

“Describe the company in one word?”


“Who is your role model?”

My parents have always served as great role models for me. Their work ethic is something that I admire and I would like to think I have emulated them in that regard with my work in Version 1.

Specifically, in Version 1, a role model for me would be someone like Joe O’Brien who has progressed from a DBA to Chief Commercial Officer in just under 11 years and has shown the immense opportunities that are available.

“What is the funniest thing that you have heard someone say to a client?”

“This is chess, not checkers” (in response to a short-sighted proposal!)

“And what would you do if you were in charge of the world for one day?”

“Give out free beer. Keep up the good spirits!”

David’s advice for the next generation of grads? Work smarter, not harder.

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