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Role: Associate Networks & Systems Consultant

Capability: Cloud & Infrastructure 

How do you go from fitness instructor/ football player/ martial arts instructor to a Networking and Systems consultant? Well this is something Derek very easily tackled, no pun intended.

He also worked as a technical sales engineer but decided to make a career change. After completing a Computer Science / IT Management honours degree course in Tallaght IT, he set his sights on some sort of Dev Ops / Cloud Infrastructure & IT consultancy role, this is where Version 1 caught his eye. He would not apply anywhere else, he would not have it any other way, and since February 2017 everything turned out exactly as he expected. He has been thrown into the deep end, and he loves it.  He is actually a Networking & Systems Consultant.  

My role within the Network and System team involves being a team player as much as I can and being a sponge over the next 12 months to learn as much as I can. My role as the newbie of the team is, queue management, customer reports, making sure we meet SLAs and basically help the team out as much as I can.


How did this happen you may wonder? Well, Derek has a superpower/the force/magic ability that he did not know about until Version 1 revealed it to him: confidence.

“I am a mature student, but here I fit right in. There is a great balance between team members. During my training and boot camp, I learned about the company’s core values I could relate to, and I can now see how it’s possible every single person in this company is nice”.

Derek is a people’s person. You get that once you start chatting with him. In addition, as such, he appreciates Version 1 a bit more now that he has gotten to know us. “There are so many reasons to stay”.

“And as many as the possibilities. I am not pigeonholed; on the contrary, I am creative and optimistic. I can see myself retiring in Version 1. I have set my career path development and as you will see, I am very structured and stick to my goals. I like to deliver what I would expect as a customer. Every day I get as much done as possible”.

He is obviously driven, and it would not come as a surprise if he was expecting joining Version 1 would have worked out so well. Nevertheless, were there any surprises?

“Employment-wise no. It is indeed what I expected. I wanted this (points at everything around him) to happen. In addition, it did. That is the reason why I applied only here.

What excites you about coming to work?”

“Have you heard the expression “Every day is different?” well, in Version 1 every hour is different. It doesn’t feel like a job. I learn something new every day. You think you know everything, but you do not, you learn, especially, from the people around you. I use to teach that to my students. You may have also noticed, I like to chat, and I love the fact that I have great interactions with my colleagues every day. I have done individual sports and team sports, and I sure can recognise good team players.”

“To make things hard for you then, how would you describe them with one word?”

Derek smiles and takes a deep breath but as he’s “really talkative” -his words- I remind him:

“One word.”


“And one word that would best describe the company for you.”


His advice to the next generation of graduates would be if you make a mistake it is not the end of the world, own it, learn from it and try your best to never make the same mistake, try. 🙂 

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