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Role: Integration Tester moving to Java Developer

Capability: Currently in Business Transformation but moving to Digital Tech

You could say that Eve’s story is pretty straight-forward -went to college, studied Information Systems for Business Performance and got a job at Version 1. Well that might be the case, yes, but Eve’s done so much more in 6 months working in Version 1 than she could ever have thought of!

Basically, she participated in major projects where she used her skills and knowledge, only to discover that she wants more! And now, thanks to Version 1, not only is she studying to be a Java Developer, but she will be working as one! She’s also taken up running because of Version 1 but that’s an entirely different story.

Should I take this from the beginning? (Rewind noise – set -go)

“I had never heard of Version 1 before the grad fair at my college. I was finishing my Masters”.

An integrations tester, she’s now studying to be a Java developer, she worked on an interesting project for a leading government agency!

“The development side of it was amazing. I had so many skilled people around me to learn from and I loved every single moment of it. It makes a great difference to be able to work with people that are willing to answer your questions, and in a friendly way for that matter.”

2016 Associate Consultants

She feels like she’s evolved while working here, she’s stepping up her game and developing her networking skills. But what drives her?

“I think being based on a client site makes me want to impress people more. I want to show everyone what the Version 1 standards are. That’s definitely a driver, wanting to be the best representative the company could have.”

And that’s the part where Eve explains how Version 1 also became her driver to take up running.

“It’s because of Version 1, I started running. I signed up to do the Virgin Media Night run and some people from here were doing it and I didn’t want to embarrass myself so I thought I’d better start going out and do some practice. I've grown to really enjoy it but I think it's too soon to start preaching about the clichéd mindfulness aspect.”

Needless to say, she’s the type of person that makes a hobby out of planning imaginary trips in her head that she hopes that someday she will afford.

“South America for instance. Or Africa! My sister just booked a huge trip to Africa so I am very jealous of her. My 2 weeks European trip is a little bit terrible in my eyes now, but it’s a start”

“Do you have an advice for the next generation of grads?”

“I would say to the ones in college to just learn as much as they can, and those that are coming in for interviews, just to practice as much as they can. I do this myself daily, even if I have a meeting where I am not expected to present, I go over everything in case a question is directed to me.”

“What word would you choose to describe the company?”

“Welcoming. No! Irish! Does “Irish welcome” count?”.

Ar ndóigh!

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