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There’s a guy that could be a rock star but he just chose a life in IT. No kidding, Gary Brogan plays the guitar since he was 11 and loves music -but he would never do it as a profession. He studied computer sciences and on a fine grad-fair day in Glasgow University, he encountered Version’s 1 stand for the first time. All the rest is straightforward: he applied, he got the job and now he is leading a happy, fulfilling life both him and his family.

 “I had a conversation with the lady that was on the stand and she pointed out all the technologies that are used in Version 1. I didn’t expect that range. And then we got into talking and found out about the core values and that pretty much won me over.”

He has a family with two kids and that’s all the driving force he needs. And like most of our employees he likes the career opportunities and advancement. He is currently sitting for his Microsoft Certifications.

Gary at Version 1 Connect UK in June 2017

“I have learned a lot. I was familiar with dashboards in the university but this company gave me the opportunity to be involved with projects. I got to learn a lot by working with our managers”.

He describes his colleagues as driven whereas the word he chose for the company is community.

“That is a very strong word”.

“Yes, but that’s what Version 1 is”.

“Do you have any advice for the next generation of Associates?”

“Come in, be openminded, work hard, and you’ll get where you need to go”.

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