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Role: Associate ERP Functional Consultant

Capability: Oracle Solutions

He would be a bear. That is if he had to choose a spirit animal. Because Jamie is more than meets the eye. He’s got the attitude, he has the will, and he has no plans to leave in the near future!

“I was referred in, and very happy that I was! You know, people don’t usually speak highly of the company they are working for, but this is not the case here. From day one, everything was completely different to what I knew. People have faith in me”.

Jamie’s working with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) team. The mix of technical and functional suits him perfectly. “There’s balance” he smiles. “And the culture of the company is what makes me want to stay. The management is approachable, and as a person that needs that kind of interaction with people, it’s ideal. I get to be who I am, and my work is appreciated.”

“Do you feel like you have evolved?”

Of course! As much as I like talking, I learned when I should or should not say stuff. Besides I am still working on the transition from college life to my professional one. But I am realistic. I am not afraid to look for help, and if I am stuck, I won’t break something just to give it a go. I know what I can and cannot do”.

When I asked, what word would suit his colleagues, he rebelled. “I wouldn’t know which one to pick! I don’t want to group them. I mean, one word might fit a great part of a group but not a certain person. Each one is different”.

And he did it once more while giving me his one word for the company.

“Down to earth”.

“That’s three words”.

He gives me a cheeky smile, and I let it go. After all, Jamie is the kind of person that knows exactly what he wants, and the future version of himself is the best possible goal. “The idea of what I want to be, that’s my role model”.

“Any advice for the next generation?”

“You can’t do everything straight away. Don’t rush; there’s plenty of time ahead”.

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