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Role: Associate Business Intelligence Analyst

Capability: Data & Analytics

She came all the way over from India to become a Business Intelligence Analyst and Version 1 brought another type of adventure on her way. Radhika studied Business Intelligence, and she was so determined to work as an analyst that she would practically say “I want to be in BI” in every other sentence.

“I applied for this programme because a friend of mine recommended it. He also applied a year before me and worked here ever since. He would tell me stories of how interesting everything is, so I was like ‘OK this seems cool’. That’s, pretty much why I applied. And then in my assessment day, I threw in how much I wanted to be in Business Intelligence. ‘I will get in the BI team, I will get there’, that’s what I was telling everyone. Even on Version 1 social nights out people would ask me what team I want to be in and I would only reply – I want to be in the BI team.”

Of course, she is in the BI team now. And she loves it. She is also sitting for her Microsoft Certifications exams this year, so fingers crossed everything will work in her favour. And she volunteers for events - tech conventions mostly. So basically, her time off is non existent, but she still wishes she could steal an hour or two to catch up on some reading.

“My role model is my father. He is so serene and calm. I wish I were like that. He keeps telling me that ‘Life is like that, it will throw bumps your way and you just have to deal with it. There’s no point in fretting. Tomorrow, after all, is another day’ in a very Scarlett-O’ Hara kind of way.”

He is already my role model for sure. But I am more used to running around the office, going to meetings and talking to clients. But also, I think my background has helped me think outside the box. In India, we are very good in jugaad -which basically means fixing things- and it comes in useful a lot here. Especially when I am out of time, and I need to come up with a solid solution, I use a temp fix for 2-3 days and then I get a lot more resources to find the actual solution. And it’s a better one, and it is as solid as I want it, and both the clients and I are happy!”

Radhika always gets surprised that people in the company believe in the core values. “For most companies they are just fluff, and I feel proud every single time the company acts on them”.

So how would you describe the people in Version 1?”


She almost said it before I finished asking, but Radhika is like, that, force of nature and everything.

“And do you feel you discovered anything about yourself while working for Version 1?”

“I can sit at a desk now”. Apparently, that’s true -and a big deal once you meet her- as she’s been sitting calmly throughout the entire conversation. "Although my spirit animal would be a monkey. Do you know they used to steal and wear my dresses from the clothes line? Cheeky little things!"

Life-work balance is her goal. “If politicians can do it, CEOs can do it, then so can I! And that’s one part of my advice to the next generation of grads. But most importantly, enjoy the experience. Get to know everyone in Version 1. Every single person has such an amazing and different story to share; you will be amazed!”.

And you are one of those stories, Radhika!

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