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Role: Associate Cloud Consultant

Capability: Cloud & Infrastructure 

Shane’s life makes an interesting Instagram story - or series of Instagram stories - to the point that you get a bit jealous, but how did he end up from the mountains of Canada to Version 1? What’s his story really?

“For my degree I studied Landscape Architecture for 4 years in UCD. What I enjoyed most was learning about design and how it’s all about problem solving. After I did a Masters in Interactive Digital Media in Trinity College. Here I learned about design through different media, photography and web design were my favourite modules. After my education I moved to Canada for two years with some friends. This was my first time living away from home. I worked on an awesome train that traveled from Vancouver through the Rocky Mountains. What an experience!”

A girl is the reason he came back. They both left the beauty of Lake Louise to move back to Ireland. He met her on the train and they decided to come back with their dog. “I did some photography and some web design for a while and then I heard about the grad program. So, I applied. My interest was getting involved with the UX team but I got placed on Cloud Services. I didn’t know anything about cloud which worried me at the start but I’ve learned a lot already. I am really happy now. Ironically I did landscape architecture but it’s the cloud architecture which won me over. Still design, but of computer systems instead of physical space.“

For someone that has done so many different things, it was interesting to discover that he has the ability to take information, understand it and then make the best presentation of it. There’ s a little bit of marketing in him apparently!

“So how would you describe the company?”

“Exciting! Every day presents a new challenge!” (Αnd that’s big coming from a person that has lived in a train for almost 2 years just for the sake of the adventure).

“If I had the power for one day, I would make everybody travel!”.

Well, obviously, we are all going to choose Lake Louise now, because of him. “We lived in a small village in the mountains. From work I looked out at a frozen lake below a massive glacier.” he laughs as he has no pictures with him when I ask for him to show me - typical photographer!

“If you had a spirit animal, what would it be?”

“I’ve been told I am a sloth… I am slow to move in the mornings. Since starting at Version 1, however, I am getting better. I’m ready to go after a coffee in the morning. So far I have really enjoyed my start here and I’m looking forward to building my career. I’d definitely recommend the Associate Consultant programme.”

Well, thank you Shane! And next time bring your photos with you!

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