Don't just Graduate, ACCELERATE!

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Version 1 have been working in the Microsoft arena since 2006 and continuously investing in new Microsoft solutions. Having been named Microsoft Ireland Country Partner of the year in 2011 as well as Microsoft Ireland Application Development Partner of the Year (2015) and Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Partner of the Year 2016 - it is safe to say that our Microsoft Technology Solutions are above standard expectations. We’re also a Gold Partner across 10 specialisms with 2 silver specialisms! Like in all our practices, we have one of the largest number of Certified Professionals with a wide variety of expertise. We are always able to provide you internal training sessions for your continuous improvement.

One of the main responsibilities of the Capabilities is learning and the Microsoft Capability is no different. It covers many different technologies: .NET, SharePoint, CRM, Dynamics xRM, SQL Server and BI, offering a wide variety of projects and customers.

The focus on the Azure cloud and its development will only strengthen Microsoft’s grip on the IT game as they prepare to take on their competitors. Microsoft is expanding at a rapid rate and the new technologies they are introducing, year in year out, keep them at the top of the table and keep the competition chasing. Working in the Microsoft capability gives you the opportunity to work alongside leading Microsoft consultants using cutting edge cloud technologies, while delivering business solutions which drive real change for our customers.

Streams: Content Collaboration & Productivity, Data Platform, Dynamics, Microsoft Apps & Services.

Roles you could find yourself in: .NET Consultant, SharePoint Consultant, CRM Dynamics Consultant, Applications Consultant, UX Consultant

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Accelerate Programme!

We don't believe in the typical profile of a Graduate Consultant, slaving away to make up margins and spending their time locked away in a room to all hours of the night. We invest in people rather than a production line of grads. Day 1, you’ll learn by building and doing in a dedicated two-year boot camp, called the our Accelerate Programme, where you will grow as an IT Associate Consultant.

We employ only the best – team mates that motivate you to push your boundaries, stretch your knowledge and help you develop the diplomacy, judgement and insight required for our customers to trust you implicitly. We're a place to build friendships, have the craic, and enjoy a work-life balance where after work doesn't mean 'straight to bed'.

Our 'Accelerate' programme will push you beyond your barriers. You won't be limited to a 2 year graduate contract or anything like that. You will be a full-time permanent employee here in Version 1. You won't be limited to one technology or one industry. We let you choose your career path and proactively help you get there. For your dedication to excellence, we pay superb starting salaries, and our quarterly, versus yearly, career assessment means no waiting around to progress.

Up for it?


Work-life balance matters to us. We want you to keep up the good work -no matter what it might be- and enjoy every moment in and outside the office! Whether you like sports or games, singing or baking, we got you covered! Weekly soccer matches, the Jervis Gaels GAA team, our snowboarding club, our annual Great Version 1 Bake Off, our company Choir and even a variety of weekly role-playing game (RPG) campaigns are some of our initiatives. Want something else? We’d love to know what you have to suggest!

You are not just an employee to us. We want to give you the best possible experience while being a member of our team. That’s why we created an ongoing list of benefits that we are happy to provide you such as:


Life in Version 1

Ok, so we don’t have pool tables or a bar onsite, so how do we back up our claims that Version 1 a great place to work?