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Being a part of Version 1 means a lot more to us than just being employed in our company. We are essentially one big family, and like all families, we love doing things together. We welcome new members that share the same core values as we do and nurture them to grow stronger and with them, we grow stronger too!

Our Core Values!

Having a culture is not enough for us. Being one, on the other hand, is what makes us stand out and our people to accelerate. It is amazing how people succeed when they have the same set of values and here, in Version 1, we act daily on them - and trust us, that is not something like most people “just say”. We believe in Honesty even when the truth is raw. Our Customers come First and we are putting our Personal Commitment to it. It is safe to say that Drive is what we all have in common and that is what leads us to Excellence. Basically, what we all believe here is that we don’t have a culture, but we are a culture! We will guide you, we will mentor you and treat you as an individual. We are determined to help you accelerate!

Core Values

Diversity and Inclusion!

Talented and sharp-minded employees with diverse backgrounds and different way of thinking have always been a huge driving force in the expansion of the Version 1 team. Innovation comes from the difference of point of views. We value different approaches and mentalities and this is what makes us strong competition and keeps us one step ahead.

“Version” means one set of possibilities out of endless potential, possibilities, and individualities. And together, we make Version 1.


Giving something back!

It is our belief that one must always give back to their community. That’s why we created an initiative called the Version 1 Community Trust to award 11 grants totaling €12,000 each quarter, to worthy community-based causes. We don’t only want to reflect the society we live in, but we want to be active members as a united organisation.

We are proud to have supported over 100+ cases and awarded over €175,000 spread across from Health Care to Education, Medical Equipment, Animal Protection, Art, Culture, Sports and more. Our Community Trust is driven completely by our employees. Our people are our driving force and our pride for bringing upstanding causes to our attention, and for developing our social interest. Your voice matters not only for us but for the society as well.

Meet our Associates

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We're a Great Place To Work

We're a place to build friendships, have the craic, and enjoy a work-life balance where after work doesn't mean 'straight to bed'. We've ranked as one of the top ten 'Great Places to Work' in Ireland for seven years running. And we're also now in Europe's Top Ten!